Bryan Kest

Been thinking a lot since Bryan Kest workshop about the mind being the limitless and the body or the physical being such a limited tool.

A beautiful but limited tool. As a 35 year old woman, I want to stop putting so much importance on the way that I look. Scratch that, celebrate the way that I look but when it starts to go...let it go without letting go of  a lot of my self worth. Honestly, not that I'm overly vain...I think I'm your average run of the mill type of vain. I don't always wear make-up. I'm not a super crazed vain fanatic but we all like to look good, right?

How could you have more fun or fulfillment in your life if you spent less time worrying about what you looked like to others?

What will we do with our one beautiful and wild life? Crack it open and breathe into it?

*Side note: This was written over a year ago before the Bryan Kest trip I just recently took. So, obviously he made an impression. Had a wonderful experience in Tulum with Kest and the Kesters... and I would highly recommend going to one of his workshops if you are so inclined. Here are a few of the pics.

Me, Bryan and Jenny!

Random beautiful girl in the water.

Can you stand how beautiful this moment is? I didn't think so.

Three legged dog in Paradise.

Pretty unsuccessful at our practice, but very successful at sunbathing this day!

Beach Children.


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