In the Words of Ram Dass, Be Here Now.

I'm living out a crazy busy life right now. I'm trying to make more time for balance. More time for people in my life and just breathing and moments. I love yoga and obviously, it has completely consumed me. Which is great and I think what is meant to be for this moment...but I feel a calmness approaching. Still consumed by yoga, of course, but more of a calm within the storm kind of consumption.

I still have questions. I still have a wondering about where I will be in a year from now because a year ago was so very different and a year before that, different as well. A lot of change. I feel like I've been riding a wave for the last two years of my life. And I am grateful for that wave. It has shaken me up, awakened a sleeping giant and now what will the giant do? What direction is it headed? I know I can't wait to see.

I have learned enough to know what I had forgotten for awhile and that is that "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray." So I'm meditating more. Listening to my inner voice, the true one. Also, I'm enjoying life. My yoga practice is back on in a strong way. And I'm laughing a lot. Laughter is so precious and adds so much to life. I want to laugh more. I hope whoever is reading this gets to laugh a lot too. 
One of my favorite pictures of myself event though my face is blurred out
 because it was so fun and just a true moment. 

I'm mid 500 hour teacher training and will be certified by the end of the year. That's amazing. And I also will have a focus, a strength in yoga therapy...being able to work with people individually that have chronic pain, illness, conditions, etc... I feel very good about this education. It has taken me so much deeper than I was a year ago with yoga. And the journey continues. As for now, I am here. 


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