Sweet Savannah.

Obviously, I have a thing for Savannah.

For whatever reason, it is one of the places that has sat romantically in my mind for a long time without ever having been there until this past summer. And now, I know why.

The people are lovely. They are local born and raised mixed with a fair amount of transplants that fell in love with it just like I did and they all mesh together so smilingly. So many people smile in this city and want to talk to you and share why they love Savannah.

There is so much culture and history. You don't have to know it, because you can simply feel it. But if you would like to know it, there are so many tours to help you with that.

There is so much good food. Are you kidding me? Southern Cuisine at it's finest. Paula Deen has a restaurant here, in case that point was up for debate. I didn't get to go there but I did visit some fine BBQ establishments and a beautiful rooftop restaurant on top of The Bohemian hotel. And, of course, as everyone who goes to Savannah probably knows, you take a stroll through the beautiful city's mini gardens on the street squares to Leopold's (ice cream) for your dessert. Delicious city, that Savannah.

Everywhere you look is beauty: Spanish moss hanging from trees, sunflowers growing on people's porches, people painting on the riverfront, smells and tastes of good food, warmth (which I love, for those who don't like the heat...maybe not for you). The people are so welcoming and just plain cool.

Savannah, I love you so. Keep being awesome.


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