Removing the Crutch.

I went to an inversion workshop earlier today at Cleveland Yoga  that was taught by Amy Schneider. It was so great and so nice to be an anonymous student. I just love being a student and I also really love being anonymous. Being nobody in particular has always been one of my greatest joys. It's why I love Manhattan so are just one in a sea of people. It's very freeing and uniting, in that everyone is somewhat equalized. Anyway, Amy, as a teacher, exuded confidence, compassion and fun and therefore made it very unintimidating. It wasn't long before we were all leaping into the air into one arm handstands.

Okay, I'm being a bit far fetched...but we were all trying and mostly getting the poses we went over. Which is the biggest step forward to actually doing something. If you never try, you will certainly never do whatever it is you want to achieve.

Try as I might I have not been able to conquer handstand...yet. I most certainly will get it one of these days and I learned a few things today that will help me along in my handstand journey. This is why it is so good to go to a yoga class instead of only doing yoga at home. And really, so good to go to workshops specifically where you can slow it down and get some individual attention on your practice. Because you always think in your mind that you are doing something exactly how you see it, me included, but really breaking it down and studying your body in the pose will show you what could be doing better.

It surprised me to see how much fear I still hold for handstand. The not knowing, the leaping up, the fear of falling backwards into who knows what position. It's both knowledge and faith combined. I always practice handstand with the wall behind me. But, as Amy talked about today...the wall is actually stopping my growth. It's a crutch. I knew that I was using the wall as a crutch but kept saying, when I get stronger I will practice in the middle of the room. That day is today, my friends. Handstand, here I come.

Even yoga instructors, need and benefit from a good yoga instructor. :) We can always grow in our practice, and in life. Namaste, friends!

Doing yoga in the woods. Handstand, with the help of a friendly tree. 


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