Bows and Arrows.

So, just flexing my poetic muscles. I've written this one a bit ago...but decided to share it now. Please enjoy.

Bows and Arrows.

Go ahead, darling, show your ponies
I know that your dark horse will canter
I may draw the curtains close 
but I will certainly be waiting 

I will put the earl grey on
lace it with some honey
Boy, won't we have some fun
With you sitting at my pantry

You will play the duchess 
And I will play the king
Although all of my powers are
Stolen by the neighboring kingdom

Regardless, you wanted to soothe me
Then led me out to the firing range
But the targets got disheveled
And you marched on to bows and arrows

Isn't it all just darling
What could possibly be wrong 
When there are picnic blankets strewn about
And the hummingbirds sweet song?


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