Moment of Golden.

Standing by the magnificence 
Struck still by the song
coming from beyond my comprehension
Coming from beyond man's existence

I could not see
And I walked away awhile
Until the crash came to my ears, the fall
Coming from where I had been

Sometimes it takes a shake
for us humans to truly look
And I did because I was told to 
absorb all the beauty I could take

There she was, right there, in all of her splendor
Golden as a beam of light
Golden falling on her from the afternoon
Golden was the moment as it stopped there

Magnificence stood and was aware
Staring right into my eyes
And the honesty of it made me blank
Made me lose words and just wonder

There was nothing to do but gaze
And I did, because I was told to
Until I woke up. still in her stare
And my instinct, though amazed, took foot.

I felt blessed. 
I felt touched by grace. 
I felt fear.
And it was all good. Because it was.


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