What's your moment? (poetry-ish)

What's your moment? 
30 seconds to live over again...
If you only had 30 seconds left of this shining existence.

So many moments.
So much meaning to be held 
In each one and together like hands and glances over shoulders.

Holding them in our hands
like so many marbles
waiting to fall, let them fall while you're here.

Ask me today
I say water. and sun. and love.
and the simple reflections

of your smile.
of happiness. of peace. of acceptance.
of a great and long awaited sigh, acceptance

of myself and the whole damn thing. 
ask me tomorrow 
and see what it may bring.

like she said, there's so many
but we have to choose
if you don't, you will miss the moment and the moment is all.

Submerged, I envision myself
gasping for air. But I made it. 
I made it. I am here.


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