Whispers in the Night.

Last night I heard a whisper. But really, it was just an imprint of words upon my mind, "this will be in your book. Write it down." I had just had a dream and after awakening, was thinking back upon it as I have done many times before. So often my dreams are about something that needs to be dealt with or done in my life and this time was no different.

As I lay there, remembering it, I started to think about God being with me and within me. I recently read Marianne Williamson's A Return to Love and am currently reading Wayne Dyer's Wishes Fulfilled. The ideas in these books are something that have resonated with me for a long time. Some of them are new but many of them I have felt for ages.

I remember having broken down in an old car of mine once and I was sitting on the side of the road waiting for someone to come and get me and there was this sunlight coming through the clouds. It was so heartbreakingly beautiful that I just needed to write about it right then. Not caring one bit about sitting in my broken down car, I felt like I was wealthy beyond measure at that moment. This is the connection that I'm starting to feel again. 

I need to share this feeling with as many people as possible. I need to write about it. This is what I am passionate about. So much. So much.
Magical Sedona Arizona.


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