Okay, we are well on our way now in 2014. So, what was 2013 for me?

Learning. Such a huge part of 2013 was my beginning,  journey through and completion of my 500 hour yoga education. It was about keeping my yoga studio on track while I did that. And thanks to my two beautiful teachers...we sailed through with no real issues.
Some of my peeps from AYC.

2013 for me was also about being able to get still and listen. I have been a runner by nature since I was able to run. This is my pattern that I am working on breaking. What happens when we settle into the discomfort, or stillness, or whatever it is that you're running from? That's a question that we all must face on our own.

It's about starting to move slowly, deliberately. Not worrying, rushing, making things be that just aren't. At a Ray Long workshop I just went to he spoke about the fact that where we get our injuries is the point where we move too fast. He talked about easing in and easing out of poses. That is true for life too. When we make quick movements, we get hurt. That's why we can get hurt when we work out mindlessly, when we cross the street without looking, when we make snap decisions based on wrong motives, when we show off (as when I broke my ribs the year prior by running and jumping over a chain), when we fall in love, when we fall out of love. Moving slowly, or maybe just on my own clock is a new goal for me.

I just broke my ribs...and I am in pain selfie.

2013 was about finally listening to my voice. It can be sometimes hard to find because it's so easy for me to hear what others are saying. But I feel my voice as a physical presence now, I don't just hear it and ignore it anymore.

Is that a coffee cup and a wine bottle on the table? Seriously? p.s. not a cigar...but a marker in my mouth.

2013 was about growing and watering my friendships. My family of friends. Who I love so much. It was about healing. It was about getting real and being honest. It was so much in one year and I am grateful for all of it.

I am now firmly in my seat. God is with me and has been, but I feel that presence strongly now. I have been going through a transformation for the last few years and I feel like I'm ready to fully be me. Whatever that is and whatever that turns into. I intend to check in with myself every day about it through meditation and yoga and my writing.

I wish everyone an amazing and authentic 2014.

Much love~ Always~



Amanda Narog said…
Beautiful reflections. I realize now that though we had youth in our 20s, we only truly begin to know ourselves in our 30s. And, as I say that, we are both "running" headlong into our 40s! Who knows what changes will come...if only it didn't include wrinkles! Love you forever, my closest and bestest friend (cuz I think you always knew me!) AN

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