Keeping it Fresh.

In Asheville waking up. Just getting moving this morning. Last night's drive was a bit long. Ended up taking me ten hours as opposed to the normal 8, 8 and 1/2. What a beautiful drive though. Driving from Ohio, through West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee and finally to North Carolina.  I kept thinking of the Rumi quote, "I can't stop pointing at the beauty." That's what it felt like. Green hills all around. Clouds to write poems about. Cute little houses and cows dotting the hillsides. I had great music on sometimes, sometimes silence.

I think what I love most about traveling and being out of your element is that it wakes you up, gets you out of your routine that you can get lost in, day to day. You look up and you say, 'Oh ya! I remember this beauty, I remember this inspiration.' But it's always as if you're seeing it for the first time, as well. That is real beauty. That is truth. Where you know you've seen it before, maybe you've seen it a hundred times but it still reaches into your soul and stirs something. I don't necessarily think you need travel for this, you just need a way to keep yourself awake to the beauty before you. And travel is definitely a way to do that.

I'm going to head out and get some breakfast somewhere with my computer.

Love and light, 



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