Get Free.

Before I was gathering inside of the silence 
Inside of me now lies a raging thundercloud, threatening to burst. 
Threatening the excitement of a new earth. 
Lighting me up with kisses and killing me with the same.

What is it meant for, this transformation of fears and joys and 
I don’t know what it is with me these days?
I’m not sure but undoubtedly I am meant to feel the weight of this
Sit with it in the grass in the park and then boom….it will happen. 

Maybe I’ll just take my stream and marry it to the ocean, 
Losing myself for the bigger picture. So frightening but so beautiful to be in it. 
To be willing to throw your dice up into the wind 
Watching them scatter like leaves among the sunshine.

At any moment, electricity may very well shoot out of my fingertips. 
How embarrassing when that happens in public. 
But one has to let it go, watch it pop like kernels of popcorn
Like fireworks, like a grape ripe for wine making, like a match in the dark.

Tell, me how do you get free?


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