Flying Free.

I remember being in 5th grade and watching the kids skip a bar or two while swinging on the monkey bars. It seemed so daring, such a feat of bravery. I watched them while they so easily allowed their hand to slip off of one bar flying for the moment, only a moment, but so free in the air until the next landing of hand on bar. I imagine now the feeling of wind against your cheek, the sun partly warming, partly blinding you from above, the cool of the bar against your skin. That feeling of freedom.

That is yoga for me. That feeling of freedom. That moment where you are completely free, nothing holding you, as if in flight, except that now you are flying inward. The stillness, the mat, your body and breath all coming together to be one in that moment. A drop of sweat falls down and you notice, as if you have never seen a drop of sweat before. It is exhilarating, this drop of sweat, this tiny miracle of a liquid lying beneath you. 

What toxins has it rid your body of for you? What else may you leave behind you, what else may you appreciate with more intensity now that you have gotten that drop of sweat out? The possibilities are endless and everlasting. Why is it so easy to forget this in our everyday lives? The miracle of this moment, this drop of sweat, this space that we are flying free within. 

The possibilities are endless. Creation and empowerment lie on your mat waiting for you to come and pick them up. Please don’t leave them lying there. 


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