Miracles upon miracles.

The other day while I was walking down the street, I tripped and fell. Smashing into the pavement I suddenly became the rain water, splashing and trickling down the dirty street until I fell down into the sewer where I, somewhat confused but peaceful as water can be, continued my journey and came out eventually into a river. I felt the atmosphere suck me back up as I freely floated into the sky becoming millions of tiny water molecules. 

I rose up into that angry sky which poured me back down onto the landscape and I spread over this land so wide, becoming a puddle for a gazelle to drink from, a droplet that was drunk by a tree under which a crying boy sat, the blessing that had been prayed for as the people there hadn't seen rain in months, the last drop that caused a mudslide wreaking havoc in a small town, and also the single drop that fell onto a small girls face and made her smile changing her whole way of being. 

I became all of this and more and I realized that I myself am small and nothing. But I am also everything and by definition creation itself. 

Miracles upon miracles. 


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