Can Can Cleanse.

So. I'm doing a juice cleanse. God knows I need one. You know how people are calling themselves the Bad Yogi or the Rebel Yogi these days? That should totally be my name when it comes to my diet. 

I'm a girl who loves to eat. Eating has always been my, well, bad friend since late childhood. Thank God I was blessed with a high metabolism or it wouldn't have been easy to stay somewhat thin. When I was a teenager...I put away some serious food. I won't even go into it. And I wasn't throwing it up either. I was all in.

And now...well, I had cut out meat for the most part in Ohio but since coming to California that has changed again. Primarily because the meat is more organic here and because we're exploring the foodscape. 

But when you're an Ohio girl moving to California you think, wow, it's going to be so easy to eat fresh, etc. That has not been the case. We have found more pizza, burgers, fries, oysters, greek food, you name it. I don't know if it's us calling it in, or if Northern California really just has as much bad for you foods as Ohio does.

So. I'm doing a juice cleanse. And this is the year to incorporate much more fresh foods into my diet. Last year, I took most meat out and I'm going back to that after this month of enjoying the "bad yogi diet." It's seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy grains like quinoa, etc.. after this juice fast for me. 

I'm doing the Can Can Cleanse based out of San Fransisco. I'm actually excited about it this time. When I did it in Ohio twice (different company) I dreaded it because I was scared of being angry the whole time. But my body is calling for this. So, it's game time. 5 days of juicing. And, I just found out that this month was named after the Latin februum, which translates as purification!  It originated in ancient Roman times due to the fact that there was a purification festival on the full moon every February. Actually, I just had all kinds of questions arise from that. What kind of purification? Hmmmm. 

Well, I know what kind of purification mine is and there's nothing violent or witch-hunty about it. Just good clean juice. 

Cheers friends!


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