Adventures and Soundtracks.

Meant to drive down to Wilmington last night just so I could spend a half a day there this morning. I've always wanted to see it. Ended up in Richmond, Virginia after three big old traffic back ups. Luckily, they didn't seem to be on account of car accidents as much as nonsense, which makes sense, because there is full moon trickery going on. So, I guess I will see Wilmington on Monday.

Now I will just head on down to Easley, S.C. so that I can do this aerial training with Linda...who is one of my 500 hour yoga sisters. So cool that she's now doing aerial training and when we were meeting up in Asheville last year, she had just started experimenting with it. And I just finished my own 200 hour training with 8 beautiful graduates. Things can change fast. Or slow. As we all know by now. 

I had a great time shuffling between the music app Beats and my old iPod tracks, those of which survived the transfer to the Galaxy. (speaking of which, I can't wait to go back to the iPhone....just my personal experience. Not to sway's a huge change if you're thinking of switching either way). 

Last night I kept listening to many things, of course. But, my number two favorite of the night, Phanotgram, You are the Ocean. The number one song of the 9 hours of car living was Steadfast sung by Shubha Mudgal and spoken by Ursula Rucker. 

Inspired by the poetry of 16th century poet, Kabir. It's a goodie. Here are the lyrics. You might want to check it out. xo ~ 

This love
This, love

This love,
Is not for sale,
Nor is it to be toyed with
It is delicate and humble,
But also, sturdy and grand,
So don’t be fooled

This love
This, love

And the true fullness, of this love
In all of its grace and charity, and imperfect perfection
Is meant veritably, for only one,
And most likely, too potent
In its highest form
For any other

This love is spoiled, and greedy
And highly expectant,
Like a coddled child,
Even in its maturity
Sometimes lashing out in defiant tantrum,
When assumed shunned
This love…
Is complicated

And even in the midst of confident revolt,
This love offers up contrition
For unpleasing, unworthiness
The human heart is so contrary
And wondrous,
And very easily broken
Both blessed
And cursed
Perfect house,
For so fickle a thing,

This love is content and comforted,
Most assuredly when the sacred object of its adulation,
Seems to find favor with
This love,
Is always challenged,
By the reality that,
The gift of sacred love takes patience,
And faith,
And effort,
and sacrifice,
And is ever changing
in its infinite and beautiful


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