These Boots Are Made For Walking.

It's the day after elections and I think that even though the day started out very raw for a lot of us, we are calming down into the fact that this is reality and in true American style, we're ready to put on our boots, walk through the mud if we have to and get some shit done. 

I did NOT want Donald Trump as my President. But, truth be told, I wasn't overly affectionate of Hillary. I would have gladly voted for another Republican if there was a good one. I'm not going to get into the various reasons why I didn't want Donald Trump as the person in charge of my country. The fact is, it is over and he is our President-elect. 

We have the power in our daily lives to choose what matters to us. The country obviously chose Trump as a response to something deep that it felt was missing. I don't get that but the vote shows it to be true. I still have the power in my life to choose what is important to me, regardless of who the President is, and that is partly because I live in a country that allows me that liberty. If I wanted to, I COULD leave this country and move somewhere else if it came down to it. I'm not doing that (unless of course he somehow turns this country into something that I can't be a part of). What I hope is that I will just be proven wrong about the kind of President he will be and that we all come together and create a better country. Together. 

If anything, this probably made all of us have a deeper conversation with others and more importantly with ourselves. What is important to you? Why? Are you showing up for that in your life? Don't wait around for it to be the perfect time/situation before you can fully show up. I have been guilty of that in my past and it's not worth it. 

Put your damn boots on. Cry if you feel like it. Take a bath and light a candle, say a prayer, whisper your intention, scream, punch something, go for a run. Whatever you need. But then, put your boots on and get out there, my love. The world needs you. And honestly, you need the world, however imperfect it may be.


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John mark said…
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